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Who We Are

Half-Moon Research is a research consulting firm that specializes in understanding “why”, by unifying qualitative and quantitative approaches - especially in the biomedical and social sciences.

What We Bring

Why Half-Moon Research?

Holistic research requires understanding both what happened (or could happen) and also why it did (or might) happen. Half-Moon Research excels at balancing these core research needs, by unifying expertise over the entire landscape.

This means bringing together:

Our Process

Half-Moon Research supports targeted approaches, or the full research process:

About Me

I conduct qualitative market research, specializing in applications for immunotherapies and other novel mechanisms of action in solid tumor oncology. My skillset combines business consulting, behavioral psychology, biochemistry, and objective interaction management to learn nuanced insights from healthcare professionals.

This allows respondents to see me as a credible, objective, and empathetic interviewer, which facilitates our ability to build a deeper shared understanding of their priorities, motivations, and concerns.

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